Morepork (Ruru) with Weta: Card

Handmade card, printed on quality photo paper and bonded to heavy card stock. Packaged in a cello bag, includes an envelope...

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FRONT: Morepork (Ruru) with Weta (image)


Caption on Reverse:

This relatively common native owl is a nocturnal hunter who perches during the day. It mainly hunts in the evening and morning with brief bursts of activity during the night. The Morepork’s primary hunting technique is perch and pounce using its remarkable eyesight and hearing to locate prey and its ability to fly fast and manoeuvre rapidly to catch large insects, small birds, rats and mice. The Weta is a particularly favourite snack...

Data sheet
Surface FinishMatte
TextBlank Inside, Caption on Reverse
Production DetailHandmade
Card/Paper StockWhite 350gsm from sustainable forests
AdditionsPackaged in a cello bag and includes an envelope

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