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Royal Spoonbills feeding

These Royal Spoonbills in the Firth of Thames are feeding in shallow water with a methodical scything action to stir up small fish, crustaceans and aquatic insects. Its bill structure only allows the bird to feed in water less than 40cms deep, over mud, sand or clay and vibration detectors inside the bill enable it to find prey even when the water is murky.Read More

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Fledgling Tuis, feeding time

The past few months have seen our garden Tuis engaging in mating rituals, nest building and...

08/02/2016 0 991

Tui mating season - Duels...

There's a lot happening in the garden during Tui mating season...

14/12/2014 0 3349

The Season of the Quail

A glimpse into the family life of the Californian Quail...

30/11/2014 1 1416

Kaka in the Wild

We don't get many opportunities to photograph Kaka near where we live. However, Kaka have made...

08/06/2014 0 2081

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