California Quail: Update

California Quail: Update

The Hen Quail came around the side of the house leading her four chicks onto the deck. She jumped down onto the lawn and one chick followed. The other three, however, stopped, looked down at the drop to the lawn (about 40cms) and 'chickened out'. They sprinted to the left looking for an easy way down - none. Back to the right, even faster and looking somewhat panicked as Mother was waiting for them some distance across the lawn. Eventually they found a way and quickly joined mum on the lawn, crisis over.

Mother Quail and the one brave chick await the stragglers...

We'd been wanting to get a clear picture of quail chicks for some time now and had been thwarted by long grass and fast moving subjects. Lurking fortunately in the doorway to the deck and unnoticed by the birds, we finally got our pics...

Posted on 19/02/2015 by John and Melody Anderson Articles Home 0 2612

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